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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

April 2018

Bangladesh to Sign Free Trade Agreement with Thailand

The Government of Bangladesh will sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Government of Thailand, according to Commerce Minister of the Government of Bangladesh Tofail Ahmed. The FTA promises to boost trade between the two countries, which stands around $2 billion.

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February 2018

Interview: Better Quality and Competitive Prices to Help Bangladesh Grab Nepal Market

Bangladesh is looking to expand the market share of its goods in Nepal. Ms. Mashfee Binte Shams, Bangladeshi Ambassador to Nepal, reviews the opportunities for Bangladesh manufacturers and explains what her country is doing to promote its products in Nepal. This interview of Ms. Shams, conducted by Ibrahim Hossain Ovi, first appeared on Dhaka Tribune.

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September 2017

Chamber of Commerce Formed to Increase Trade between India and Myanmar

India has formed the India-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (IMCC) in Yangon to increase trade between the two countries, which currently stands at around $2 billion. IMCC will focus on helping Indian business invest in Myanmar and vice versa.

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November 2016

Nepal's Third Country Trade through Vizag Port Moves Forward

A notification for moving export and import cargo to and from Nepal through Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Port in Andhra Pradesh, India, was issued by the Nepal Department of Customs. This follows the go-ahead given by the Central Bank of Nepal to issue letters of credit to clients using Vizag Port to bring in trade. Furthermore, the Government of Nepal is considering establishing a consulate in Andhra Pradesh to ensure more efficient utilization of Vizag Port.

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November 2016

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka to Sign a Free Trade Agreement

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have agreed to sign a free trade agreement to enhance bilateral trade between the two countries. This decision came out of of the Fifth Joint Economic Cooperation Session between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and reflects an eagerness of both countries to improve trade volumes.

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October 2016

Simplified Customs Process to Benefit Emerging Domestic Brands

A new Customs inspection and verification procedure is changing how trade is conducted among South Asian countries. Through the BBIN Motor Vehicles Agreement, cargo and passenger vehicles may now pass through the four countries more smoothly. The simplified process greatly benefits apparel-centric economies, making South Asia more competitive for both global and domestic brands.

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September 2016

Nepal Trade Portal Launched to Support Nepal Trade and Investment

The Government of Nepal launched the Nepal Trade Portal, a one-stop shop for official information on trade procedures and requirements for Nepali business. Featuring essential information for traders, the online portal aims to improve the way trade and business is conducted, and to facilitate cross-border trade by providing easy access to legal documents, forms and procedures in both English and Nepali.

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March 2016

Joint Exercise to Reduce Delays in Export/Import Clearances to be Conducted in India

A Meeting of high-level officials from the Government of India's Ministry of Finance, Central Board of Excise and Customs, Railway Board, Shipping and Airport Authority has discussed ways to expedite the country's clearance process for exports and imports, deciding to conduct a joint exercise to identify and address delays at every stage.

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