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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

May 2022

Bhutan, Thailand Agree to Negotiate a Bilateral Trade Agreement

The Governments of Bhutan and Thailand have agreed to sign a bilateral trade agreement during the fourth Joint Trade Committee Meeting. They also agreed to enhance total bilateral trade to $120 million by 2025, and renew the existing MoU on tourism and handicraft cooperation.

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Tags: Bhutan, Thailand, Trade, Agriculture

May 2021

Trade Facilitation Needed for Sri Lanka's Food Security

Sri Lanka needs regional and cross-border food trade facilitation to ensure food security, according to the latest report of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka needs to improve warehousing and storage facilities, including cold storage. The country also needs to boost packaging and transportation services in the medium to long-term.

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Tags: Sri Lanka, Trade Facilitation, Agriculture

September 2017

Chamber of Commerce Formed to Increase Trade between India and Myanmar

India has formed the India-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (IMCC) in Yangon to increase trade between the two countries, which currently stands at around $2 billion. IMCC will focus on helping Indian business invest in Myanmar and vice versa.

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June 2017

Commentary: Improving Regulatory Standards for Export Diversification

Products for export need to conform to given standards and undergo certain procedures before they are allowed entry into the importing country. In this commentary, Ms. Ferdaus Ara Begum, Chief Executive Officer, Business Initiative Leading Development, explains what exporters from Bangladesh need to do to understand these standards so they can expand their reach in India and other markets.

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Tags: Agriculture, Bangladesh, India, Standards Harmonization, Sanitary and Phytosanitary, Technical Barriers to Trade

February 2017

Commentary: India Infrastructure: Connecting Bihar

The Ganges flows through the middle of Bihar, India, physically dividing it into north and south. Enhanced connectivity can improve lives and livelihoods, especially if the infrastructure is climate-sensitive. Ms. Saleha Waseem, Operations Communications Specialist at the Asian Development Bank’s South Asia Regional Department, shows how improving transport links would make a huge difference to millions of people.

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