SASEC Transport Sector Strategy

  • Create dynamic multimodal transport networks and effective logistics facilities to increase intraregional trade and boost economic growth
  • Facilitate planning and implementation of regional and national SASEC transport projects that benefit all members
  • Support the strategic priorities of the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation at the inter-regional level

Key Facts

  • At least 70% of freight is moved by road throughout South Asia
  • South Asia has one of the largest railway networks in the world, stretching over 77,000 km mostly through India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
  • Air freight grew at 7.5% per annum during 2001-2004
  • Passenger air travel is growing at 12% per annum

Key Challenges

  • Deteriorating road networks damage cargoes and delay transit times
  • Railway networks suffer from inadequate loop lengths, missing shorter links in border areas, and insufficient gauge conversion programs
  • National transport systems in South Asia lack effective cross-border infrastructure, holding up trade
  • Lack of modern automated border procedures (documentation and inspection) lead to higher costs and more time for goods, vehicles and traders to cross borders
  • Inadequate regional uniformity of standards costs business time and money

Unlocking the Future:
Multimodal Transport Connectivity

  • Improving the efficiency of regional transport and trade facilitation could lead to increased intraregional trade within South Asia of almost 60%
  • Expanding the range of effective transport corridors into multimodal economic corridors could increase trade from South Asia with the rest of the world by over 30%