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Calendar of upcoming and recent meetings of SASEC working groups and technical experts, as well as training and capacity-building activities. Each link provides information on event objectives and outcomes, and hyperlinks to downloadable training materials and documents.

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20-21 Nov 2023SASEC Transport Working Group (TWG) MeetingTransportNew Delhi, India
1-2 Dec 2021Virtual Workshop on Road Asset Management StudyTransportOnline
8 Dec 20203rd Meeting of the BIMSTEC Transport Connectivity Working GroupTransportOnline
7 Dec 2020SASEC Maritime Cooperation – Virtual Dissemination Workshop on Study on Cruise TourismTransportOnline
18 Nov 2020Workshop on SASEC Road Safety StudyTransportOnline
7 Oct 2020SASEC Transport Sector Working Group MeetingTransportOnline
12-13 Mar 2020Stakeholder Workshop on SASEC Routes Initiative Study along the Kolkata to Dhaka RouteTransport and Trade FacilitationKolkata, India
20-22 Jan 2020Conference on Safe Mobility and Regional ConnectivityTransportNew Delhi, India
3-5 Dec 2019Workshop on Developing Port Community System and Port Greening StrategiesTransportSingapore
7 Feb 2019Workshop on Maritime Cooperation in SASECTransportBangkok, Thailand
17-18 Sep 2018Workshop on BIMSTEC Transport Master PlanTransportBangkok, Thailand
20 Jun 2018Inception Workshop for a Study on a Perspective Plan for Coastal ShippingTransport and Trade FacilitationDelhi, India
5-6 Mar 2018 Meeting of the SASEC Nodal Officials and Working GroupsTransport and Trade FacilitationSingapore, Singapore
10-11 Jan 2018Meeting to Implement the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicles AgreementTransport and Trade FacilitationBengalaru, India
9-10 Nov 2017SASEC Knowledge Event on Transport FacilitationTransport and Trade FacilitationBangkok, Thailand
14-15 Jun 2017Sixth SASEC Customs Subgroup MeetingTransport and Trade FacilitationThimphu, Bhutan
30-31 Aug 2016BIMSTEC Transport Connectivity Working Group Inception MeetingTransportBangkok, Thailand
29-30 Mar 2016Second Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicle Agreement Negotiation Meeting on ProtocolsTransport and Trade FacilitationDhaka, Bangladesh
3-4 Dec 2015Workshop on the Implementation of the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal Motor Vehicles AgreementTransportKolkata, India
25-26 Nov 2015SASEC Trade Facilitation and Transport Working GroupTransport and Trade FacilitationTokyo, Japan
16-17 Sep 2015Negotiation of Protocols for the IMT Motor Vehicle AgreementTransportBangkok, Thailand
13-14 Jul 2015Meeting between India, Myanmar, and Thailand on the Motor Vehicle AgreementTransportBangkok, Thailand
14-15 Jun 2015Meeting of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal Transport Ministers on Regional Road Transport ConnectivityTransportThimphu, Bhutan
2 Jun 2015Meeting of India, Myanmar, and Thailand on the Proposed Motor Vehicle AgreementTransportBangalore, India
18 Apr 2015Meeting of the Transport Secretaries of India, Myanmar, and ThailandTransportChennai, India
2-3 Feb 2015Meeting of BBIN Transport Secretaries on Regional Road Transport ConnectivityTransportKolkata, India
10-12 Dec 2014Transport Electronic Cargo Tracking Feasibility Study Finalization WorkshopTransportHua Hin, Thailand
4 Nov 2014SASEC Trade Facilitation and Transport Working Group MeetingTransport and Trade FacilitationKathmandu, Nepal
14-15 Jul 2014Finalization Meeting of the BTILS Update and EnhancementTransport and Trade FacilitationDelhi, India
28-29 May 2014Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral, Technical, and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Study (BTILS) Update and Enhancement: Workshop on Phase IITransport and Trade FacilitationDhaka, Bangladesh
19-20 Mar 2014Workshop on Phase 1 of the BIMSTEC Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Study (BTILS): Update and EnhancementTransport and Trade facilitationMae Sot, Thailand
7 Mar 2014ADB-UNESCAP National Workshop on Secure and Efficient Cross-Border/Transit Transport for IndiaTransport and Trade FacilitationNew Delhi, India
19 Nov 2013ADB-Confederation of Indian Industry Conference on Promoting Mekong-India CooperationTransport, Trade Facilation, EnergyNew Delhi, India
16-17 Oct 2013Building National and Regional Growth Corridors in South AsiaTransportManila, Philippines
9-11 Oct 2013ADB-UNESCAP Workshop on Secure and Efficient Cross-Border Transport for SASECTransportBangkok, Thailand
5 Jun 2013Inception Workshop on BIMSTEC Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Study Updating TransportYangon, Myanmar
20 May 2013Brainstorming Meeting on the BIMSTEC Transport Infrastructure and Logistics Study UpdatingTransportManila, Philippines
19-20 Nov 2012Technical Meeting on Indian Ocean Cargo and Passenger Ferry Service StudyTransportMale, Maldives
8 Nov 2012Trade Facilitation and Transport Working Group MeetingTransport and Trade FacilitationThimpu, Bhutan
1-2 Dec 2010Transport Connectivity Meeting in Northeastern South AsiaTransportDhaka, Bangladesh