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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

September 2016

Maldives Invites Sri Lankan Firms to Invest in Projects

The Government of Maldives invited Sri Lankan businesses to invest in the archipelago, and bid for projects in airport development, housing, hospitals and renewable energy. Maldivian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Zahiya Zareer emphasized the need for Maldives and Sri Lanka to build more commercial ties.

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Tags: Maldives, Sri Lanka, Airports, Renewable Energy

June 2016

Bhutan Air Connectivity Project to Upgrade Domestic Airports

Bhutan is upgrading three domestic airports—Bumthang, Gelephu, and Yonphula—to enhance their capacity, safety, and efficiency. The Asian Development Bank is providing additional financing for this SASEC project, to further strengthen safety and security, and improve passenger convenience and service at these airports.

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Tags: Bhutan, Airports, Transport, Tourism

March 2016

ADB Vice President Zhang: Broader, Deeper Regional Cooperation and Integration Could Turn Nepal into Land-Connected Country

Mr. Wencai Zhang, Vice-President, Asian Development Bank, discussed ways to accelerate Nepal's economic structural transformation with policy makers, scholars, and Government officials in “Envisioning Nepal 2030”, an international seminar jointly organized by the National Planning Commission and ADB. In his address, he discussed how regional cooperation and integration could turn Nepal from a landlocked to a land-connected country.

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Tags: Nepal, Energy, Airports, Hydropower, LLDC

July 2015

Nepal Budget Emphasizes Air, Road Connectivity

The Government of Nepal unveiled a number of infrastructure projects for transport and energy in its budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 to further boost the country's economic growth. Planned road projects include development of six-lane trade roads and an alternate link road to Kathmandu. The Government is also prioritizing development of airports.

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