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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

June 2020

Challenges to Strengthening South Asia’s Supply Chains

An analysis on the Hindustan Times makes a case for building resilient supply chains in South Asia. The article proposes that, with the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), “there will be a decline in globalization and relative strengthening of regional supply chains. Geography will assume an important role in supply chains.” It further mentions that the region’s economies and South Asia’s SMEs stand to benefit from a stronger regional supply chain.

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Tags: Logistics, Regional Cooperation, South Asia, Supply Chains, India

February 2020

Inland Waterways to Help Channel Economic Activity along the Ganga River

Inland waterways is an important pillar of ‘Arth-Ganga,’ a project that aims to channelize economic activity along the banks of Ganga River to promote inclusive growth for India and generate enormous employment opportunities. The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Shipping of the Government of India.

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Tags: Inland waterways, India, Nepal, Trade Facilitation, Logistics

August 2018

BIMSTEC Foreign Ministers Approve $50 Billion Worth of Connectivity Projects

Foreign Ministers of BIMSTEC member countries approved in principle around 167 projects to improve connectivity in the region. The projects, detailed in a study by the Asian Development Bank, are worth an estimated $50 billion. It includes transportation and cross-border facilitation, multimodal transport and logistics, infrastructure development, aviation, maritime transport, human resources development, communication linkages, and networking in the region.

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Tags: Connectivity, Transport, BIMSTEC, Aviation, Logistics

August 2018

Birgunj Inland Container Depot to Get Upgraded Warehouses for Dusty Cargo

The Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board (NITDB) is upgrading the inland container depot in Birgunj, Nepal, to give it the capacity to handle dusty cargo, such as cement clinker and fly ash. NITDB is also planning to develop railway tracks to be linked directly to the new warehouses.

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Tags: India, Nepal, Trade Facilitation, Rail, Logistics

August 2018

Commentary: Uncorking the Logistic Competencies of India's Northeastern Regions

The author highlights how fast-paced infrastructure development could help unlock competencies of India’s northeast region. With the Government of India's focus on promoting the northeastern region as a key trade gateway, projects such as the 1,400 kilometer India-Myanmar-Thailand highway and the SASEC Road Connectivity project, promises to boost the country's trade and commerce, and enhance India’s logistics capabilities.

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Tags: India, Myanmar, Thailand, SASEC, Road, Logistics