SASEC Projects

 Number of
Total Project Costs
Transport44$12.32 billion
Trade Facilitation4$231.70 million
Energy16$2.92 billion
Economic Corridor Development8$1.94 billion
Information Communication
and Technology
2$20.80 million
(As of June 2022)


Country Project Name Sector Year Type Cost US$ Funding Source Status
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IndiaInfrastructure Development of Industrial Estates in TripuraEconomic Corridors2022Loan$3 millionGov India, OCROngoing
IndiaIndia: Capacity Development for the Agartala City Urban Development ProjectEconomic Corridors2021Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASFOngoing
IndiaSupport for Strengthening Multimodal and Integrated Logistics EcosystemTransport2021Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASFOngoing
IndiaKnowledge Services for Industrial Corridor Development ProgramEconomic Corridors2021Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASFOngoing
IndiaIndia: Industrial Corridor Development Program (Subprogram 1)Economic Corridors2021Loan$250 millionOCROngoing
IndiaIndia: Agartala City Urban Development ProjectEconomic Corridors2021Loan$76 millionGov India, OCROngoing
IndiaTamil Nadu Industrial Connectivity ProjectEconomic Corridors2021Loan$905 millionGov India, OCROngoing
IndiaIndia: Tripura Urban and Tourism Development ProjectEconomic Corridors2020Loan$5 millionGov India, OCROngoing
IndiaIndia: SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program-Tranche 2Transport/Road2018Loan$308 millionADB, Gov IndiaOngoing
IndiaSupporting Logistics Sector DevelopmentMultisector2018Technical Assistance$2,000,000EAKPF, TASFOngoing
IndiaIndia: Supporting the Preparation of a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Chennai–Kanyakumari Industrial CorridorEconomic Corridors2018Technical Assistance$1,600,000EAKPFOngoing
IndiaStrengthening Bridge Operation and Management ProjectTransport/Road2017Technical Assistance$900,000TASFOngoing
IndiaCapacity Development for Industrial Corridor Management in Andhra PradeshEconomic Corridors2017Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASFOngoing
IndiaIndia: Visakhapatnam–Chennai Industrial Corridor Development ProgramEconomic Corridors2017Loan$125 millionADBOngoing
IndiaIndia: Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor Development Program: Project 1Economic Corridors2017Loan/Grant$358 millionADB, Gov India, UCCRTFOngoing
IndiaIndia: Bihar New Ganga Bridge ProjectTransport/Road2016Loan$715 millionADB, Gov IndiaOngoing
IndiaSupporting the Preparation and Implementation of the Comprehensive Integrated Master Plan for the VCICEconomic Corridors2015Technical Assistance$2,030,000Gov India, JFPROngoing
IndiaIndia: SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program–Tranche 1Transport/Road2015Loan$425 millionADB, Gov IndiaOngoing
IndiaIndia: North Eastern State Roads Investment Program (Project 2)Transport/Road2014Loan$157 millionADB, Gov IndiaOngoing
IndiaIndia: Advanced Project Preparedness for Poverty Reduction (Subproject 25)Transport2012Technical Assistance$2,000,000UKGClosed
IndiaIndia: MFF - North Eastern State Roads Investment Program – Tranche 1Transport/Road2012Loan$110 millionADB, Gov IndiaOngoing
IndiaIndia: Railway Sector Investment Program - Tranche 1Transport/Rail2012Loan$343 millionADB, Gov IndiaClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highway Corridor (Sector) I Project (Supplementary Loan)Transport/Road2009Loan$339 millionADB, Gov IndiaClosed
IndiaIndia: Railway Sector Investment ProgramTransport/Rail2008Technical Assistance$1,250,000Gov India, JSF via ADBClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highway Sector IITransport/Road2005Loan$671 millionADB, Gov IndiaClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highway Corridor (Sector) ITransport/Road2004Loan$760 millionADB, Gov IndiaClosed
IndiaIndia: North Eastern States RoadsTransport/Road2004Technical Assistance$800,000UKGClosed
IndiaIndia: East-West CorridorTransport/Road2003Loan$644 millionADB, Gov India, PrivClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highways Sector IITransport/Road2003Technical Assistance$300,000TASFClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highway Corridor (Sector)Transport/Road2003Technical Assistance$700,000Gov India, TASFClosed
IndiaIndia: West Bengal Corridor DevelopmentTransport/Road2002Loan$134 millionGov India, OCRClosed
IndiaIndia: National Highway Corridor and Public Private PartnershipTransport/Road2002Technical Assistance$700,000TASFClosed
Returned 18 loans and grants projects with a total cost of $6.33 billion
Returned 14 technical assistance projects with a total cost of $16.28 million


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