India: Preparing and Enhancing Readiness of Proposed North Eastern State Roads Investment Program

This technical assistance continues ADB's project preparation assistance for the proposed North Eastern State Roads Investment Program (NESRIP) and maintains seamless and consistent readiness enhancement assistance available to the Executing Agencies (Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, and the six state Public Works Departments) until the ensuing financing assistance's effectiveness and mobilization of loan-financed consultants.


Commitment Date

Funding Type




Total Cost

2 Dec 2008

Technical Assistance




$1 million


Operations Manual for NESRIP finalized with PMU and PIUs trained on the use of it by the start of first tranche project activities

Road Asset Management System and Project Management System developed under TA 4697-IND: Development of Road Agencies in the North Eastern States fully rolled out to the project states and the PWD engineers trained on the use of these systems

Financial management system for NESRIP fully established and functional by the start of first tranche project activities

Action plans for institutional development and capacity building updated before FFA signing

Resettlement plans for Tranche 2 roads prepared and finalized

Documents to be issued for procurement of civil works and recruitment of construction supervision consultants for Tranche 1 roads finalized and ready for issuing

Baseline survey for impact monitoring indicators of Tranche 1 roads


$800,000 (Technical Assistance Special Fund)

$200,000 (Government of India)