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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

May 2018

ADB Advisor: Renewables, Regional Cooperation, LNG Import can Help Boost Sri Lanka's Energy Security

Dr. Yongping Zhai, Technical Advisor (Energy), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Mr. David Elzinga, Senior Energy Specialist, ADB, advised the Government of Sri Lanka to keep their options open in securing the country's energy future. Reiterating ADB's support for Sri Lanka's energy security, Dr. Zhai urged the country to opt for renewables over coal to fast-track its commitment to the Paris agreement.

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May 2017

SAARC Finance Ministers Meet in Yokohama, Japan

Finance ministers and senior officials of member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka met on 5 May at Yokohama, Japan, at the sidelines of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 50th Annual General Meeting.

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December 2016

ADB Strategic Climate Fund Boosts the Nepal SASEC Power System Expansion Project Fund

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved an additional $20 million for the SASEC Power System Expansion Project in Nepal, to be provided by the ADB Strategic Climate Fund. This additional financing will support installation of utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems by 2018. The Government of Nepal is also providing complementary funding of $24.5 million.

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Tags: Energy, Nepal, Trade, Hydropower, ADB, SASEC, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Regional Cooperation, Regional Integration, Solar Energy, India

June 2016

Speech: The Future of Energy Demand

Greatly increased energy consumption is powering economic transformation in Asia and the Pacific, but also contributing to higher greenhouse gas emissions. The devastating effects of climate change are already being felt in the region. In this speech delivered at the Pacific Energy Summit on 24 June 2016 in Singapore, Bambang Susantono, Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, Asian Development Bank, looks at the challenges faced by Asia’s growing economies a

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Tags: ADB, Energy, Hydropower, Climate Change, Bhutan, India, Nepal

August 2014

Assessing the Costs of Climate Change and Adaptation in South Asia

Climate change alters the dynamic of energy security in South Asia with electricity demand projected to grow fourfold by 2030. Climate change adaptation and variability in the region renders most countries vulnerable. Access to energy services affects practically all aspects of sustainable development.

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Tags: South Asia, Energy, Climate Change

March 2012

Kunming Conference

About 160 officials from 30 countries participated in the ADB conference on RCI held on 26-27 March in the PRC.

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