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Comprehensive listing of books, reports, and research on regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in South Asia and relevant global RCI publications, including publications on transport, trade facilitation, energy, and economic corridors in the SASEC region.

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East Asia Pacific Economic Update, April 2018: Enhancing Potential

East Asia and Pacific (EAP) grew slightly faster than anticipated in 2017, with growth in Myanmar rebounding slightly at 6.4% due to strong exports. Amid risks to macroeconomic stability, EAP countries must enhance trade facilitation and integration, improve education systems, and upgrade capabilities of workers and managers.

Author: World Bank

Year: 2018


Tags: Exports, GDP, India, Manufacturing, Myanmar, Poverty Reduction, Trade Facilitation, WB

Energy Transition Pathways for the 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific: Regional Trends Report on Energy for Sustainable Development 2018

Policymakers face complex and challenging tasks to develop clear, sustainable, and achievable pathways for South Asian countries and the rest of Asia-Pacific to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for energy (SDG7). This report provides an analysis of what can be achieved under current policies. It then identifies gaps and presents transition pathways to assist policymakers to make informed decisions for achieving SDG7 targets.

Author: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Year: 2018


Tags: Bangladesh, Energy, GDP, India, Myanmar, Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCAP

Trade Profiles 2017

Trade Profiles 2017 provides a series of key indicators on trade in goods and services for 196 economies, highlighting major exports and imports for each economy as well as their main trading partners. It provides a concise overview of global trade for each profile, showing detailed information about merchandise trade flows. It also features an expanded section on trade in commercial services and statistics on intellectual property.

Author: World Trade Organization

Year: 2017


Tags: GDP, Trade, WTO

Economic Implications of Deeper South Asian–Southeast Asian Integration: A CGE Approach

High tariff and non-tariff barriers, and costly transport links and inefficient trade facilitation measures continue to hamper the growth of trade between South Asia and Southeast Asia. This paper explores whether potential gains from improved connectivity—via Myanmar as inter-regional bridge—justify a high level of investment. Using an advanced computable general equilibrium (CGE) model, reduction of inter-regional tariffs, decreasing of non-tariff barriers by 50%, and cutting down of trade costs between South Asia and Southeast Asia by 15% yields a prediction of 8.9% rise in welfare in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and an increase of 6.4% in gross domestic product by 2030.

Author: Ganeshan Wignaraja, Peter Morgan, Michael Plummer, and Fan Zhai

Year: 2014


Tags: Transport, Trade Facilitation, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Regional Integration, Tariff, Trade, Connectivity, Investment, Myanmar, GDP

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: What Can South Asia's Lack of Success Teach other Developing Countries?

Despite South Asian nations experiencing increased foreign direct investment (FDI) flows over the past decade by gaining a large share of cross border investments, FDI inflows in South Asian countries still remain the lowest relative to gross domestic product (GDP) among developing country regions. This paper uses an empirical model that accounts for possible trends in convergence in the ratio of FDI to GDP between countries and cross-sectional data for 78 countries from 2000 to 2011. In examining the historical patterns of South Asia’s FDI and its connection with the policy environment, policymakers can identify constraints to FDI and boost potential for broad-based growth.

Author: David M. Gould, Congyan Tan and Amir S. Sadeghi Emamgholi

Year: 2013


Tags: South Asia, Trade Policy, FDI, GDP, Investment, Governance, Transparency, Economic Growth, Financial Sector, Regional Cooperation, Trade

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