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Comprehensive listing of books, reports, and research on regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in South Asia and relevant global RCI publications, including publications on transport, trade facilitation, energy, and economic corridors in the SASEC region.

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Infrastructure Financing for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific

This book proposes adopting a more holistic approach to help accelerate infrastructure development in Asia and the Pacific. It discuses project financing for Nepal’s cross-border dry ports, streamlining Nepal’s trade and transit procedures through Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) and Advanced Cargo Information System (ACIS), and project financing by the Asian Development Bank of the Kakarbhitta dry port and a cross-country corridor project between Bangladesh and India. Financing and technical assistance from multilateral development banks and neighboring countries not only bridge funding gaps, these also help countries learn from funders’ experience constructing and operating infrastructure assets.

Author: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Year: 2019


Tags: Infrastructure, Nepal, Sustainable Development Goals, UNESCAP

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Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2019

This report presents the latest economic, financial, social, and environmental statistics, and includes sustainable development goals indicators, for the 49 regional members of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Remittances have been a stable source of revenue for Asia and the Pacific, with India being the top recipient of remittances globally at $78.6 billion in 2018. In 2017, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region rose to $541.9 billion, although FDI flows have been more volatile compared to remittance flows. This report uses domestic value-added via forward linkages (DVA_F) to discuss the evolution of global value chains in Asia. In 2018, almost a third of the DVA_F generated in Asia stayed within the region, representing 39.0% of the total domestic value-added sent to the region. It shows the importance of intraregional trade for Asia, as Asia's trade connection to North America is weakening.

Author: Asian Development Bank

Year: 2019


Tags: ADB, India, South Asia, Sustainable Development Goals, Trade

International Rules and e-Commerce: Trade Insight, Vol. 15 No. 1–2, 2019

Trade Insight is published by the South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment. This issue includes discussions on various aspects of e-commerce, such as cryptocurrencies, integration of small and medium enterprises, and competition and regulation. Its editorial argues that South Asia should take an active part in drafting global rules on e-commerce. The issue also includes features on the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation investment agreement, Connectivity 2.0 for the South Asia Economic Union, the use of inland waterways, and the electronic cargo tracking system.

Author: South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment

Year: 2019


Tags: Electronic Cargo Tracking System, SAARC, Trade, Transport

Bountiful Bangladesh: An Ocean of Opportunities

This special publication by the Bangladesh High Commission, New Delhi, India, celebrates India-Bangladesh relations. A chapter on regional cooperation discusses how prosperity is promoted in the region through the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC). Progress in regional cooperation builds on the momentum generated in the last 18 years through SASEC. Economic performance has been impressive and South Asia is forecast to become the fastest growing subregion in Asia.

Author: Bangladesh High Commission, New Delhi, India

Year: 2019


Tags: Bangladesh, India, SASEC, Regional Cooperation

Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Report 2019: Bridging Trade Finance Gaps through Technology

This report reviews the progress of trade facilitation in Asia and the Pacific. It looks at recent trends in paperless trade and transit facilitation and the impact of trade facilitation initiatives on trade costs. The Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation shows significant progress toward streamlining trade procedures in the Asia and the Pacific. In South Asia, the average implementation rate of trade facilitation procedures in 2019 is at 55.4%. The report features a special chapter on how trade finance gaps—especially prevalent for small and medium-sized enterprises—can be bridged by technology.

Author: Asian Development Bank and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Year: 2019


Tags: Small and Medium Enterprise, South Asia, Trade Facilitation

South Asia: Shifting Outlook Calls For Steadfast Reforms

Growth in South Asia is projected to rise to 7.0% in 2020. To create more and better jobs, the region needs to further strengthen reforms. Growth in Bangladesh is expected to remain strong at around 8.0% in fiscal year (FY) 2019, led by private consumption and investment. In Bhutan, economic activity will pick up to around 6.0% in FY2020, supported by private consumption. In India, gross domestic product (GDP) growth slowed to 6.8% in FY2018/2019. Economic activity in Nepal remains robust as FY2018/2019 growth reached 7.1%. In Maldives, growth has been supported by increasing tourist arrivals. Economic activity in Sri Lanka is projected to recover as the tourism sector stabilizes.

Author: International Monetary Fund

Year: 2019


Tags: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Investment, Jobs, Tourism

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