SASEC Projects

 Number of
Total Project Costs
Transport49$14.40 billion
Trade Facilitation7$380.65 million
Energy16$2.92 billion
Economic Corridor Development7$2.32 billion
Information Communication
and Technology
2$20.80 million
Health3$414.93 million
(As of December 2023)


Country Project Name Sector Year Type Cost US$ Funding Source Status
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NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Highway Enhancement Project (Kakarbhitta-Laukahi)Transport/Road2023Loan$362 millionACF / Concessional OCR, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Customs and Logistics Reforms Program (Subprogram 1)Trade Facilitation2023Loan$50 millionACF / Concessional OCROngoing
NepalInstitutional Strengthening of Project Implementation, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Resilience in the Road SectorTransport/Road2023Technical Assistance$750,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: Nuts and Fruits in Hilly Areas ProjectTrade Facilitation2022Loan/Grant$96 millionADF, GAFSP, Gov Nepal, OCR, WFPOngoing
NepalNepal: Implementation Support to the SASEC Customs and Logistics Reforms ProgramIndustry and Trade2021Technical Assistance$1,250,000RCIF, TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: Electricity Grid Modernization Project – Additional FinancingEnergy2021Loan$75 millionACF / Concessional OCR, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: Master Plan for Road ConnectivityTransport/Road2021Technical Assistance$1,500,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: Electricity Grid Modernization ProjectEnergy2020Loan$195 millionADF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: SASEC Airport Capacity Enhancement ProjectTransport/Air2020Loan$198 millionADF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: Knowledge Solutions and Institutional Strengthening for Sustainable DevelopmentMultisector2020Technical Assistance$3,870,000HLTF, TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Power Transmission and Distribution System Strengthening ProjectEnergy2020Loan/Grant$322 millionADF, Gov Nepal, Gov NorwayOngoing
NepalNepal: Civil Aviation Sector Improvement ProgramTransport2020Loan$50 millionACF / Concessional OCROngoing
NepalNepal: Supporting the Civil Aviation Sector Improvement ProgramTransport/Air2020Technical Assistance$500,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Power Transmission and Distribution System Strengthening ProjectEnergy2020Technical Assistance$5 millionATF NorwayOngoing
NepalNepal: Preparing the SASEC Airport Capacity Enhancement Sector Development ProgramTransport/Air2019Technical Assistance$1,100,000Gov Nepal, TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Mugling–Pokhara Highway Improvement Phase 1 ProjectTransport/Road2019Loan$254 millionADF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: Enhancing Road Safety, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Project Implementation CapacityTransport/Road2019Technical Assistance$500,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: SASEC Power System Expansion Project-Additional FinancingEnergy2018Loan$20 millionADFOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Highway Improvement ProjectTransport/Road2018Loan$256 millionADF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalInstitutional Strengthening of Road Safety and Gender EqualityTransport/Road2018Technical Assistance$750,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: Support for Value Chain Development Under the Nepal Agriculture Development StrategyAgriculture2017Technical Assistance$225,000TASFClosed
NepalNepal: Regional Urban Development ProjectEconomic Corridors2017Loan$214 millionADF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: Strengthening Capacity for Urban Planning, Urban Design, and Investment PlanningWater and other urban infrastructure and services2017Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASFClosed
NepalNepal: SASEC Customs Reform and Modernization for Trade Facilitation ProgramTrade Facilitation2017Loan$21 millionADFClosed
NepalNepal: SASEC Customs Reform and Modernization for Trade FacilitationTrade Facilitation2017Technical Assistance$1,000,000JFPRClosed
NepalSASEC Power System Expansion Project – Additional FinancingEnergy2017Grant$20 millionSCFOngoing
NepalSASEC Roads Improvement ProjectTransport/Road2017Loan$257 millionADB, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: Far Western Region Urban Development ProjectEconomic Corridors2015Technical Assistance$1,500,000TASF, TASFClosed
NepalNepal: Supporting Rural Electrification Through Renewable EnergyEnergy2014Technical Assistance$500,000TASFClosed
NepalSASEC Power System Expansion ProjectEnergy2014Loan/Grant$440 millionADF, EIB, Gov Nepal, Gov Norway, SCFOngoing
NepalSouth Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development Project - Additional FinancingTransport/Road2014Loan/Grant$51 millionADF, CEF, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Road Connectivity ProjectTransport/Road2013Loan$97 millionADB, Gov NepalClosed
NepalNepal: Supporting Participation in the SASEC Trade Facilitation ProgramTrade Facilitation2013Technical Assistance$1,500,000JFPRClosed
NepalCapacity Strengthening for Sustainable Road TransportTransport/Road2013Technical Assistance$1,000,000TASF, TASFClosed
NepalNepal: Project Preparatory Facility for EnergyEnergy2013Grant$26 millionADB, Gov NepalOngoing
NepalNepal: SASEC Power System Expansion ProjectEnergy2013Technical Assistance$1,500,000JFPRAP, PRCFClosed
NepalSubregional Electricity Transmission Capacity Expansion ProjectEnergy2012Technical Assistance$225,000TASFClosed
NepalElectricity Transmission Expansion and Supply Improvement ProjectEnergy2012Loan/Grant$128 millionADB, Gov Nepal, Gov NorwayOngoing
NepalNepal: Gender-Focused Capacity Development in Clean EnergyEnergy2011Technical Assistance$250,000TASFOngoing
NepalNepal: Subregional Transport Enhancement ProjectTransport/Road2011Loan/Grant$76 millionADF, Gov NepalClosed
NepalEnergy Access and Efficiency Improvement Project IIEnergy2011Technical Assistance$700,000Gov Nepal, JFPRClosed
NepalNepal: Air Transport Capacity Enhancement ProjectTransport/Air2010Loan/Grant$92 millionADB, Gov NepalClosed
NepalEnergy Access and Efficiency Improvement ProjectEnergy2010Loan/Grant$94 millionADB, CCF, CEF, Gov NepalClosed
NepalNepal: Road Connectivity Project (formerly Road Connectivity Sector II)Transport/Road2010Technical Assistance$800,000Gov Nepal, JSFClosed
NepalPreparing Electricity Connectivity and Energy Efficiency Project IEnergy2008Technical Assistance$180,000Gov Nepal, TASFClosed
NepalNepal: Civil Aviation Airport Project (formerly Civil Aviation Sector Development)Transport/Air2008Technical Assistance$940,000Gov Nepal, JSFClosed
NepalNepal: Preparing the West Seti Hydroelectric ProjectEnergy2007Technical Assistance$400,000Gov Nepal, RCIFClosed
NepalNepal: North-South Fast Track Road ProjectTransport/Road2006Technical Assistance$1,100,000Gov Nepal, JSFClosed
NepalNepal: Subregional Transport Facilitation Project (NEP)Transport/Road2005Loan$27 millionADB, Gov NepalClosed
NepalNepal: Preparing the Market Access and Productivity Growth for the Private Sector ProjectPublic Sector Management2003Technical Assistance$490,000Gov Nepal, JSFClosed
Returned 24 loans and grants projects with a total cost of $3.42 billion
Returned 26 technical assistance projects with a total cost of $28.53 million


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