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Compiled features on recent developments in regional cooperation and integration in the SASEC region.

November 2014

India, USA Agreement puts TFA Back on Track

The agreement announced by the United States of America and India makes the World Trade Organization impasse likely to end and opens the way for implementation of the trade facilitation agreement. This new US-India agreement clarifies and makes open-ended the “peace clause” that was agreed during the Bali Ministerial in December 2013. The new deal clarifies ambiguities regarding India’s food stockpiles.

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October 2014

US-Maldives: First Bilateral Trade Talks

The Governments of the Maldives and the Unites States of America held their first bilateral discussion since signing the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in 2009, to discuss engagement procedures, labor, intellectual property, and the investment climate. Minister of Economic Development Mr. Mohamed Saeed announced the Maldives’ plan to lessen economic reliance on tourism, including changes to the investment climate through Special Economic Zones Act.

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