Energy Results

Energy demand in the SASEC subregion is expected to increase over the next decade resulting from economic growth and rising per capita incomes and energy consumption. With energy resources in South Asia unevenly spread, regional energy cooperation could help countries develop their energy resources in an optimal manner to lower energy costs, improve regional energy security, and contribute to climate change mitigation. SASEC initiatives in the energy sector support improvement of energy trade infrastructure, developing a regional power market by harmonizing legal and regulatory frameworks, and developing low-carbon alternatives and conservation and energy efficiency measures.


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SASEC Nodal Officials' Meeting 2017

2017-05-06, Yokohama, Japan

SASEC Nodal Officials Meeting

2013-05-03, New Delhi, India

Energy Working Group Meeting

2012-11-09, Thimpu, Bhutan

Nodal Officials Meeting

2012-05-03, Manila, Philippines

Energy Working Group Meeting

2011-10-21, Bangkok, Thailand