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Comprehensive listing of books, reports, and research on regional cooperation and integration (RCI) in South Asia and relevant global RCI publications, including publications on transport, trade facilitation, energy, and economic corridors in the SASEC region.

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Asian Economic Integration Report 2017

The 2017 Asian Economic Integration Report introduces the Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Integration Index (ARCII), a composite index constructed from 26 socioeconomic indicators grouped into six dimensions: (i) trade and investment, (ii) money and finance, (iii) regional value chains, (iv) infrastructure and connectivity, (v) movement of people, and (vi) institutional and social integration. It helps capture the diversity of regional cooperation and integration, allowing Asian economies to keep track of their progress in regional integration. Within the region, ARCII shows RCI is highest in East Asia and Southeast Asia, but remains low in South Asia and Central Asia owing to gaps in infrastructure and connectivity. It is also low in the Pacific due to weak institutional and social integration. In subregional cooperation, SASEC comes third to the ASEAN and GMS. The publication highlights that regional integration can be improved through institutional and social dimensions, including efforts to remove national barriers to regional integration, adopt regional standards, and institutionalize regional frameworks, and narrowing gaps in regional connectivity and infrastructure.

Author: Asian Development Bank

Year: 2017


Tags: Regional Cooperation, Trade Facilitation, Connectivity, SASEC, GMS

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