Welcome to the Systems-Based Post-clearance Audit (PCA) Training Website. This PCA Training Website provides a description of the training package that was developed in coordination with the National Board of Revenue, Government of Bangladesh. It will be your step-by-step guide to taking the online test and getting your PCA certification.

  1. Systems-Based Post-Clearance Audit

    Learn what PCA is and how it helps Customs address today’s challenges.

  2. The Systems-Based PCA Training Package

    About the training kit
    Learn about the PCA training package and what it will do for you.
    View a short video on the training package.

  3. Go Through the Training Course

    Find out who should take the training course and how to take it.

  4. Take the Test

    Have you completed the course and are you ready to take the test? Click here to begin.

  5. Get Your Certificate

    Finished with the test? Click here to get your certificate.