2016 International Customs Day: Nepal Department of Customs

24 January 2016

International Customs Day is observed in honor of the establishment of the World Customs Organization, an independent intergovernmental body, on 26 January 1952. It is a recognition of the mission of WCO members to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations around the world.

The Nepal Department of Customs (DOC) has prepared a week-long program with the following events in observance of International Customs Day. These activities are co-financed by the Nepal DOC, the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded Subregional Transport Enhancement Project, and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction technical assistance, administered by ADB.

24 January 2016: ASYCUDA WORLD Mobilization Seminar 

  • The Nepal DOC will launch the week-long event by commencing piloting of ASYCUDA World, with technical support from UNCTAD. A planned program will discuss its functionalities and benefits with Nepal government officials and stakeholders.

25 January 2016: Trade Facilitation Stakeholders Consultation and Seminar on Draft Legal Amendments to Align with RKC provisions

  • This event will begin with an overview of the structure and terms of reference of the existing Customs Trade Facilitation Committee, followed by a presentation on the draft legal amendments proposed to the Customs Legislation, to ensure compliance with the Revised Kyoto Convention. This event will gather further inputs from stakeholders and finalize the proposed draft.

26 January 2016: 64th International Customs Day. 

  • The 64th International Customs Day will emphasize the digitalization of Customs process. Keynote address and speeches by the Honorable Finance Minister, Finance Secretary, Revenue Secretary, and representatives from the business community will be delivered. The Honorable Finance Minister will lead the formal launch of the ASYCUDA World pilot implementation and other Customs subsystems..

27 January 2016: Media Interaction Program on NECAS Piloting

  • The Nepal DOC and UNCTAD will introduce the Nepal Customs Automation System to economic journalists, and discuss its advantages and benefits. The Society of Economic Journalists-Nepal will also discuss timely Customs-related issues.

27 January 2016: Stakeholders Consultation on Proposed Customs Procedure on Relief Consignment 

  • Following the earthquake of April 2015, the Nepal DOC created a Task Force to study and draft a Customs procedure—with inputs from the World Customs Organization (WCO) and international Customs experts—to allow prompt clearing of Relief Consignments in the event of a disaster. This event will present and gather inputs on the draft report and proposed Customs procedure on Relief Consignment.

28 January 2016: Seminar on Mid-term Review of the Customs Reform and Modernization Strategies and Action Plan

  • A Strategic Planning Expert will present and discuss the draft Mid-term review of the Customs Reform and Modernization Strategies and Action Plan, an evaluation of the 4th Customs Reform and Modernization Strategies and Action Plan (July 2013-July 2017), prepared by the Nepal DOC and a National Strategic Planning and Evaluation Expert.
  • This will be followed by a discussion on contemporary Customs reform and modernization by a WCO Expert and International Expert on Border Management, to be the basis of the 5th Customs Reform and Modernization Strategies and Action Plan, to be implemented from 2017-2021.


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