Regional: SASEC Information Highway Project (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal)

This project aims to make ICT more accessible, affordable, inclusive, sustainable, and useful to remote and rural communities, entrepreneurs, and research and training institutes in all SASEC countries. It will deliver and facilitate modern broadband information, communication, and knowledge services within and across borders to governments, businesses, research institutes, and rural and remote communities. It is expected to help the SASEC countries improve their productivity and efficiency and participate fully in the global information economy.


Approval17 Dec 2007
Funding TypeLoan/Grant
Total Cost$18 million


SASEC Regional ICT Network with fiber optic network connecting the SASEC countries 

SASEC Village Network comprising of community e-centers, village portals, and knowledge database systems, and in-country agreements for transfer and operation

SASEC Research and Training Network with university-based research and training centers in each SASEC country, a business linkage challenge fund, and online and off-line research and training programs


$5 million (Governments of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal)

$13 million (Asian Development Fund)