Regional: Trade Facilitation in South Asia

This regional technical assistance supports the operations of the Customs Subgroup of the SASEC Trade Facilitation Working Group, for improved coordination and cooperation among Customs officials in the SASEC countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka). It also seeks to promote experience and knowledge exchange on international best practice on Customs reform and modernization in South Asian countries. Finally, it helps develop a framework for interface of modern Customs administration systems between and among SASEC countries.


Approval5 Sep 2014
Funding TypeTechnical Assistance
SectorTrade Facilitation
Total Cost$2.03 million


Cooperation between and among Customs agencies in South Asia enhanced through agreements and knowledge-sharing sessions

Interface framework for Customs administration systems in SASEC countries identified


$525,000 (Asian Development Bank, financed through the Technical Assistance Special Fund)

$1.5 million (Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction)